Quick Answer: Is NIO Stock Undervalued?

Is NIO undervalued?

Relative to the company’s long-term growth potential, NIO stock is still undervalued..

Will NIO stock keep going up?

Market Lab Still, NIO stock kept rising after the downgrade to Sell. Shares are up 150% since then and hit a 52-week intraday high on Thursday, trading at $29.30 before settling back down to around $28. The stock run has been something to behold. … All EV stocks have done well in 2020.

Is NIO better than Tesla?

While both companies trade at a similar valuation, with a price-to-sales multiple of about 13.5x based on projected 2020 Revenue, Nio is growing more quickly, but Tesla might be the safer bet. … Tesla sales grew by just 15% last year and could potentially pick up to 30% in 2020.

Is NIO a good long term stock?

NIO’s unique advantages make it a winner in the long run The company is a good bet for the long term. However, NIO stock is very volatile and could remain so. The stock is a good pick for investors who can stomach increased volatility.

Why did NIO stock drop?

NIO stock is falling after separate reports about what Tesla is doing in China, Nio’s home market. Investors shouldn’t be so quick to extrapolate from one to the other. On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported that Tesla (ticker: TSLA) is requiring less money from Chinese customers to reserve one of its vehicles.

Can NIO reach $100?

Why $100 In 2021 By the end of 2021, NIO is set to deliver three to five times more vehicles. With a current market cap of $50 billion, we could easily see NIO have a market cap north of $100 billion.

Should I buy NIO stock?

Nio stock is a buy on the dips, because its long-term growth should yield a higher stock price. … Nikola (NASDAQ:NKLA) rallied as high as $93.99 a share and temporarily valued the company at more than $25 billion — a higher market capitalization than Ford (NYSE:F).

Will NIO stock be delisted?

Bitauto, created by NIO founder, will be delisted from NYSE as shareholders approve deal.

What will NIO be worth in 5 years?

What will NIO stock price be worth in five years (2025)? The NIO (“NIO” ) future stock price will be 257.971 USD .