Question: Should I Buy NIO Stock Now?

Can NIO stock reach $100?

In August, after selling off after earnings, we said to buy the dip, which you can read here.

So far, we have called every opportunity on NIO stock.

That’s why we are so confident in issuing our $100 price target for 2021.

NIO Inc.

is a pioneer in China’s premium smart electric vehicle market..

Can NIO stock make you rich?

Investing in top stocks over the long term, on the other hand, can indeed make you very, very rich. Three stocks that look like good candidates to make their investors wealthy include Clean Energy Fuels (NASDAQ:CLNE), NIO (NYSE:NIO), and Intuitive Surgical (NASDAQ:ISRG).

Will NIO stock go up like Tesla?

Nio is in the earlier phases of growth with revenue expanding 56% last year, with growth likely to pick up to over 90% in 2020. Tesla sales grew by just 15% last year and could potentially pick up to 30% in 2020.

How much can NIO stock go up?

One of the biggest winners of the year in the space has been China’s NIO (NYSE:NIO), with its share price having soared 970% so far this year as of Dec. 4. However, NIO’s year-to-date gains have been much higher recently. In fact, just last week, NIO’s stock closed with a gain of 1,240%.

Is NIO overvalued?

Despite the stronger than expected results and Q4 guidance, we think Nio stock looks overvalued. … While Nio’s growth rates are certainly higher than Tesla’s, it is also riskier considering the intense competition in the Chinese EV market, which has several hundreds of manufacturers.

Why is NIO stock up today?

Shares of Chinese electric-vehicle maker NIO (NYSE:NIO) were trading higher on Monday after the company said that it doesn’t expect its growth plans to be affected by a looming shortage of automotive semiconductor components.

Why did NIO stock drop today?

NIO said that it will sell up to 69 million new American depositary shares, raising as much as $2.8 billion, in an offering that is expected to hit the market next week. … NIO’s stock likely traded lower following the news because of investor concerns about the dilutive effect of 60 million (or possibly more) new shares.

What will Tesla stock be worth in 5 years?

$3,000 in 5 years Giving his Tesla long-term stock predictions, when the TSLA stock was trading at just $800-$900 in early June, Ron Baron admitted: “Tesla, that’s going to be $2,000 or $3,000 in five years and a multiple of that over the next five years.”

Is NIO a good long term investment?

NIO stock is a long-term winner finding strong technical support at $40. Chinese premium electric vehicle maker Nio (NYSE:NIO) has been one of the hottest companies on Wall Street in 2020. … Not even red-hot EV stocks with enormous long-term upside potential.

Is NIO backed by Chinese government?

Chinese government support for electric vehicles Last year, the government supported Nio by offering it a RMB7 billion (US$1b) bailout last year, providing the company some much needed financial support (the company’s cash was down to RMB863m at the end of 2019 from RMB3.

Does NIO go higher?

For example, right now, at $48.5 billion, Nio’s market capitalization is more than 10% of Tesla’s. However, by the end of 2021, it is forecast to produce about 44% of cars that Tesla will produce this year. … If Nio continues in this growth trajectory, we can expect NIO stock will continue to move up quite dramatically.

Is NIO a good stock to buy now?

Bottom line: Nio stock is not a buy right now. Investors should wait for this hot EV stock to break out of its current consolidation. Strong volume at the breakout would be a positive sign. It would be especially bullish if the RS line makes a new high as or before the stock breaks out.

Will NIO Stock survive?

The Chinese EV sector is the largest new-car market in the world, according to Barron’s. Barron’s says that the average price target on NIO stock for analysts with “buy” ratings is $17. … Nio has shown that it can survive. Now it must show that it can thrive.

Which is the best stock to buy now?

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