Is It Worth Protecting Your No Claims Bonus?

Can you protect 1 years no claims bonus?

Can I protect my no claims bonus.

Yes, by paying a fee on top of the cost of your car insurance.

Some insurance providers allow you to make two claims in a year without it affecting your discount.

But other insurance providers may significantly cut your NCD if you claim twice..

Is 9 years no claims the maximum?

Car. Our maximum No Claims Bonus (also known as No Claims Discount) level is 9 years, so it will automatically be displayed as such on your renewal notice.

How no claim bonus is calculated?

Usually, third-party liability insurance premium accounts for up to 20% of the total premium amount. So, the earned NCB percentage will be calculated on the total premium minus the third-party liability premium.

What happens if I don’t protect my no claims bonus?

If you don’t make a claim, there is no guarantee that your premium won’t go up if you have even a minor accident. Insurers will reassess a driver’s risk in the event of an accident regardless of how many years of no-claims their record shows. So is it ever worth paying to protect your NCD?

What is the benefit of protected no claims bonus?

What is a protected no-claims bonus? Protecting your NCB allows you to have a certain amount of “at fault” accidents without affecting the bonus. So if you have an accident, the NCB remains intact even if your insurer can’t claim their costs back.

Will my insurance go up if I have protected no claims?

If you’ve protected your no claims discount, then making a claim shouldn’t affect the number of years that contribute to your NCD. However, if you’ve had an accident, the basic cost of your premium is likely to go up.