How Many Years Is A Shatabdi?

Can I travel with general ticket in Shatabdi?

Jan Shatabdi train composition doesn’t comprises of General-unreserved coaches hence you cannot have unreserved tickets.

However, try getting reserved tickets at least before 2-3 days.

There is a high possibility of getting confirmed tickets..

Is food free in Shatabdi Express?

All the meals served in premium trains like Rajdhani, Duronto and Shatabdi Express trains are optional and the catering charges are a part of the passenger’s fare, only when they opt for food.

Can we take ticket from TTE?

You don’t need to run behind the TTE for vacant berths on Indian Railways trains. … Based on the information of seat availability, passengers will be able to approach the TTE on board for ticket booking as well, says Indian Railways.

Can we order food in Shatabdi Express?

From today onwards the service will be available on Rajdhani Express and Shatabdi Express trains. One can order food online, on call or through SMS, according to Indian Express report. … To order food via phone, all you need to do is to call 1323 and place the order. Passengers will receive an OTP number via SMS.

What is the cost of Shatabdi Express ticket?

Fares for the mornings Shatabdi is ₹ 820 for AC chair car and for the evening train the fare is ₹ 740 per person.

Is Shatabdi Express full AC?

Shatabdi Express trains offer fast connectivity with only a few intermediate stops. They are fully air-conditioned and of a much higher standard than most Indian trains. Shatabdi travelers are provided with bottled water, juice, coffee or tea, and meals relevant to the time of day of the journey.

What is the difference between EC and CC in Shatabdi?

AC Executive Class (EC) There are no Sleeper berths in these coaches. It is similar to CC (Chair Car) class like the one’s in Shatabdi trains. The only difference being seat arrangements are in 2 X 2 fashion in Executive Class making it more comfortable and spacious.

How can I book my Shatabdi ticket without food?

Catering services have been made optional in some trains. When you select the meal option at the time of booking tickets on IRCTC website, you get a new option: No Food. You also get the earlier options of Veg and Non-Veg food.

What is the status of Shatabdi Express?

12027 Shatabdi Express Live Train Running StatusStationArrivalTrain StatusMGR CHENNAI CENTRAL (MAS)17:30OntimeKATPADI JN (KPD)19:08OntimeBANGALORE CANT (BNC)22:09OntimeBANGALORE CITY JN (SBC)22:30Ontime

What is the train number of Shatabdi Express?

12009Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express 12009 Train. The Mumbai Central-Ahmedabad Shatabdi Express started service on May 1, 1994. It is a superfast express train operated by the Western Railway zone of Indian Railways. It connects the Mumbai Central railway station to the Ahmedabad Junction railway station.

Can I travel in Shatabdi without reservation?

You cannot travel in Shatabdi Express without reserving a ticket in advance (in the very last minute)? You have to make a reservation in advance or at the last 30 minute using the current reservation counter at your boarding railway station. … How can I book a train ticket for 80 special trains in India?

Does Shatabdi stop cantonment?

Shatabdi Express route covers Bangalore City Junction, Bangalore Cantt. Railway Station, Katpadi Junction, Chennai Central Railway Station .

Is breakfast provided in Shatabdi?

Food prices are included in Shatabdi train tickets. Depending on the duration of your journey and the time of your boarding, you will be served breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea, soup, snacks, a bottle of water, etc. … Since Shatabdi trains are premium superfast trains, they get priority on the railway network.

How many seats are there in Shatabdi executive class?

four seatsFirst train to get these coaches is Chennai Central–Mysuru Shatabdi Express. Executive chair car: An air-conditioned coach with spacious seats and legroom. With four seats in a row, it is used for intercity day travel and is available on the Tejas, Shatabdi Express and Double Decker Express.

What is the top speed of Shatabdi Express?

150 kmphNeed for speed While the Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains can clock a maximum speed of 150 kmph, Train 18 can travel at a speed of up to 160 kmph.

Can I board train after 2 stations?

In case you miss the train from your designated boarding station, the TTE cannot allocate your berth to anyone else until the train passes the next two stops or during the next one hour (whichever is earliest). The rule thus allows you to board the train from the next upcoming station, if that is feasible.

What is the fastest train of India?

Gatimaan ExpressGatimaan Express is Indian Railways’ fastest train, attaining speeds of 160 kmph between Delhi and Agra. Vande Bharat Express, a world-class engine-less train has the potential to hit 180 kmph, but the maximum operational speed on its routes is 130 kmph.